Thursday, December 19, 2013

Handling The Holidays When A Loved One Dies

by Mimi McDavid, guest blogger & "friend of the show"

Losing someone you love is often an emotional and painful experience.  When someone dies over the holidays it can cloud our ability to function and add stress to an already hectic time of year.  Learning to love and care for oneself during this challenging time is so important for emotional health and well-being, here are a few suggestions:

Express your grief in a way that works for you.  Talk, pray, or write a letter, but allow your tears and pain to find a way out of your heart and into some form of action. 

·       Be gentle and patient with yourself. This is not always easy when we are grieving…take a little time each day to listen to yourself and your feelings and do things that you know nurture your spirit. For some it might be getting outdoors for a hike, meditating or journaling.

·       Rituals are a powerful form of expression. Remembering your loved one will get easier over time. What did you love most about your loved one?  Remember these things and do not be afraid of your feelings.  Pay tribute to your loved one in a way that has meaning for you!

·       Trust that you will feel better and stronger over time. Give yourself whatever you need to get through this loss. And remember everyone grieves in their own way. If your grief is overwhelming you or not getting better over time – ask for help!

Mimi McDavid specializes in grief counseling and helping children and families through tough times and transition. She is the founder of Wonders Inc. – its sole mission… giving people the tools to manage the challenges of life and adversity.  You can contact Mimi @ 720.988.7482 or visit her website @

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