Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pain is Like a Puppy

I'm sure a lot of you have heard me repeat the phrase "Pain is like a puppy". What do I mean by that? Pain is like a puppy that's gotten into a bad habit, say jumping up on the couch. You correct a bad behavior by holding it by the scruff and saying "down!". Using acupuncture,  we correct your body's bad habits by introducing a new pattern that we want to establish.

So, then what? Probably, the very first thing the puppy's going to do is try to jump back up on the couch! Obviously, we need to give the same message over and over for our message to be accepted.

The key to acupuncture and dog training is to be consistent. You wouldn't correct the puppy once and then despair that it's still jumping on the couch, would you? If you really want to change a habit, you might have to correct the behavior five or ten or twenty times. A lot depends on the character of the puppy and how long the pattern has existed.

Folks drive me crazy when they say: "I tried acupuncture for my back pain, but it didn't work."
I ask: "How many times did you go?"
They reply: "Twice."
I ask: "How long have you had it?"
They say: "Seven years."
To me that's the same as taking one dose of an antibiotic and then throwing the rest out because you still have your earache half an hour later!

Each puppy is different. I have friends with two puppies a Golden Retriever, Daisy, and a Springer Spaniel, Lindy. Daisy is incorrigible; she continues to jump up on the couch all day long. Yet Lindy is so eager to please, that she learned to stay off the couch right away. Some of your symptoms may be more like Daisy than Lindy. Similarly, some symptoms can vanish after just one treatment, others take a few treatments to start dissolving. So keep at it and good luck with your "puppies".

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