Sunday, January 20, 2019

The Jewelry Box of Despair

A few years ago, my mom wanted me to look through her jewelry box with her. I think she wanted to show off her treasures, but also to find out if there were things I would be interested in inheriting. My mother is an octogenarian and has traveled all over the states and all over the world for that matter. One would think that making an inventory of such a jewelry box would be exciting and pleasurable, but for every treasured item, there were others that brought bad feelings. 

“These are the earrings your father bought me when he had to work instead of spending Valentine’s Day with me.” 

“This is the ring your great aunt Virginia gave me. She promised me a lot more, but then she gave everything to all the other cousins and nieces. I never forgave her for that.” 

“These earrings used to be my favorites, but as you can see, I lost one. Darn it all! I loved these earrings!”

“These are the ivory beads I can’t wear because it’s not politically correct to wear ivory anymore. The poor elephants!”

“Wow, what a bummer!” I thought to myself. I went right home to my own jewelry box. OK… truth, I have three of them plus several wall displays! I took out everything that wasn’t absolutely fantastic and gave it all to ARC. I’ve started looking at my wardrobe with the same critical eye: Does this top make me feel like an old lady? Out it goes. Are these pants not quite long enough? ARC pile. I don’t wear these jeans because they’re too big, but I love them. Take them to the tailor.

Marie Kondo is a decluttering guru on everyone’s lips lately. She has a show on Netflix that encourages people to ask “Does this item bring you joy?” If not, get rid of it. That’s her advice. Although I have trouble finding joy in the 9 volt batteries, duct tape, packing tape, cello tape and bank statements in my office, I certainly can sure see her point in regards to my wardrobe, jewelry box, and artwork. 

If a material possession reminds you of a sad event or makes you feel bad about yourself: get rid of it! If you’re keeping a thing because it’s a family heirloom, everyone else has one, or it was a gift: think of the cost of keeping it. There’s cost of it taking up space in your basement or closet. There’s a cost of displaying something that makes you feel guilty or angry. There’s cost of wearing something that makes you feel fat or unstylish. There’s cost of even seeing an object that brings up negative feelings over and over. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of a gift from a friend that wasn’t quite right. Don’t feel guilty about chucking a box of old photos that mean nothing to you. Free up your space and free up your mind! 

I should tie this back to Chinese medicine, huh? Alright, the Liver processes all emotions negative and positive. However, negative emotions cause Liver Qi stagnation. That means the energy of the body does not flow freely as it’s supposed to do. That leads to emotional stress, neck tension, poor digestion. Think of all the stress that’s caused looking for the “right” black turtleneck if you’ve got 5 black turtlenecks. Think of the sadness caused by keeping a lone earring that just makes you feel bad about the loss of its mate.

Go home, open your jewelry box. Make it a jewelry box of joy instead of despair. 


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